May 11, 2017

Los Angeles, CA Multi Family Construction Loan

Los Angeles, Southern California multifamily construction loan


We specialize in apartments and multifamily rental property financing Funding a Los Angeles multifamily construction payoff loan equaling $1.350,000.  If you are looking to invest in rental property in Los Angeles we are the best in class source for direct bridge loans and directly funded hard money. Our loan officers will lead you through the process no matter how complex the scenario.


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Beyond fix and flipping houses, long term acquisitions of rental property is the strategy that can lead you into early retirement in the investment world.  Like with anything there are risks and caveats for investing in long term acquisition real estate. However, there are many, many examples for investors and investment corporations buying heavily into Los Angeles construction and development.  Just seeking the transformation in DTLA of new multifamily housing, condos and rental property is staggering.



We provide commercial bridge loans, apartment and multifamily financing for corporate investment groups, realtors, investment banks and principals.


Our home base is in Los Angeles where we have worked within the mortgage industry, the investor industry and the private real estate loan business.  call us today for a no hassle informative conversation about how we can finance your nest apartment or multifamily realty acquisition.